Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Black Skies in Cleveland Scene


6/17: Black Skies at Spitfire Saloon

It’s easy to just dial in some floor-rumbling distortion, turn the bass up loud enough to make your ribs thump and shout like you’re an extra from Braveheart. But that doesn’t mean people will listen to your music. Luckily, in the case of Chapel Hill’s Black Skies, there are enough chunky riffs and precise breakdowns to back up the sludgy aesthetic. Crashing into your eardrums like the Melvins minus any sort of experimental nonsense, Black Skies have kept things raw and messy since 2005. Their latest album, Hexagon, hits on everything from High on Fire guitar-blazing (“Mancipium Monument”) to rock-steady Sabbath stomps (“2105”). Whether you’re looking to do some serious headbanging or just want to hear a rock band that’s ditched pretension in favor of actual, well, rocking, Black Skies delivers. Forged in Flame open at 9 pm at the Spitfire Saloon (1539 W. 117th St., 216.226.7748). It’s free. — Matt Whelihan

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