Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Very Foundation "This Restless Enterprise"

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The Very Foundation
This Restless Enterprise

The Very Foundation settles on a mellow yet confidently candid acoustic sound with their sophomore release, This Restless Enterprise. Michael Lewis and the uni-monikered Bevan craft bright yet laconic pop songs with back-up from the “Restless Orchestra,” including members of The Decemberists, Oh Darling and Blind Pilot.

“Runaway to Tokyo” is the standout number, mixing a cop show-style horn section with Bevan’s exhortations on running when you’re in a bind.

The backing band and the divergent day jobs of its members ensures a good amount of stylistic fluidity, while the core duo of Lewis and Bevan keep the album firmly on track and accessible.

This Restless Enterprise teases at the theme of fornication—its pros, cons and fallout, most notably in the wittily deadpan “Pornography”—without beating the listener over the head with an epic unifying theme. Settle into the groove too much, though, and you’ll be in for a bit of a jolt with the album’s latter half. Fans of The National and The Long Winters should definitely give this relaxed and sometimes surprising record a spin.

—Tom Llewellin

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