Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Memorials: Duo set to bring psychedelic soul to the amphitheater


Erinn Grotefend
On Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m. Becker Amphitheater will host The Memorials, a band with a genre that is unlike any other that has performed at Cal State Fullerton this semester.
The progressive rock, psychedelic soul and fusion band consists of Viveca Hawkins (vocals) and Thomas Pridgen (drums), who formed the band in November 2009.

“We are walking memorials,” said Hawkins. “Living breathing monuments to a sound that might be forgotten or a sound to be remembered.”

Before Pridgen formed The Memorials, he was a part of the rock band, The Mars Volta. His eagerness to express himself to his fullest extent led him to form his own band.
“I don’t know what void I was trying to fill in music,” said Pridgen. “I think the music filled up a void me.”

The Memorials released their latest album, Delirium, on June 5 this year. Hawkins described the record as polished and more refined.

“This record inside and out, visually, musically and lyrically shows that we are weird,” Hawkins said. “We are trained and able to play a variety of styles.”

Hawkins writes the lyrics for the songs using life as her inspiration.

The band’s first album, The Memorials, was released on Feb. 14. Hawkins said the first record was rushed and she was pressed for time to write lyrics.

“I had never made this type of music before so I was just popping songs out with no vision or desire for cohesion,” Hawkins said. “This time we really tried to make sure that we put a little more order in all of it.”

According to Hawkins, Delirium has a dream, nightmare and insomnia theme. With songs like “Dream,” “Delirium” and “Gone” the theme is twisted throughout the album.

Hawkins’ mother, who sings gospel and jazz, influenced her when she was a little girl. The lead singer would attend class with her mother who was studying for her associates’ degree in music.
“I don’t try to emulate other artists. My voice alone sets me apart,” Hawkins said.

Towards the end of October, The Memorials will tour throughout Europe including Germany, France and Portugal. This is the first European tour for the band.

“We feel like it’s going to be a blast,” Pridgen said. “We’re so stoked to be able to play in places people dream of going.”

For now, the band is going to take their time and tour. Beginning in January and February, The Memorials will get back into the studio and start recording.

In addition to attending the Wednesday concert at the Becker, listeners can find The Memorials on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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