Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stream the xx's New Album Coexist

Track the album's path around the world

Laura Snapes

Stream the xx's New Album Coexist
The xx's second album, Coexist, is out next week via Young Turks. Stream the whole thing below, courtesy of a nifty widget. In collaboration with Microsoft, the band have launched a website where you can track the album's path across the internet as it's shared from user to user.
"Send it to a friend and watch the path continue," the press materials explain. The band started the stream with one of their biggest superfans-- and it's spreading so fast that the site keeps dropping out, so be patient if it's slow to load.
Listen below, and watch a video of the band playing "Night Time" for's "Surveillance". Read our "Update" interview with the band about the making of the album here, and a more in-depth feature interview here.

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