Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Premiere: Armed With Legs - “Little Sinner” (Video)


Jim Vermillion and Nick Krivchenia have been making music together for several years, and on June 11, the duo is releasing its debut, self-titled album, Armed With Legs. To celebrate its release, we’re proud to premiere the Seattle-based two-piece’s first official music video for “Little Sinner”.
The video documents the evening of a quirky accordionist as he waits eagerly at home for a special lady to come over. As the video progresses, our protagonist illustrates the very concept of the song: the urge to act in strange ways to express one’s self. In this case, those impulses come in the form of dancing to old records, juggling, and creating a blanket fort. Vermillion’s lilting vocals push the song along, floating on top of looped bass lines and Krivchenia’s romping drum beat. On first listen, it’s hard to believe these sounds are coming from only two musicians, but this sound is what sets Armed With Legs apart from other indie outfits. Vermillion’s expertise is live-looping his bass lines, thus creating lush musical soundscapes from a mere three instruments: drum, bass and vocals.

You can pre-order Armed With Legs via Bandcamp and to our Pacific Northwest readers, look out for the band’s live show!

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