Wednesday, August 7, 2013

HAPPY RELEASE to LA's George Glass! I XO YOU!

George Glass is a flailing Charlie Brown foot aimed deadeye at Lucy's football, which isn't a football at all, look closer, it is flatter and it's grayer, and it's squat and it is gritty and it's a rectangle, hard as tooth, a cinderblock that on contact makes toes crumble into plum flesh.
George Glass is a restless Los Angeles youth seeing maturity but not exactly trusting it, uncertain of a transition from city to country or country to city -- neither are enough to contain them.

George Glass is the split-second afterimage lingering on a boxy woodframed television screen in 1986, when all that remains of the saucy charm and the hardpack body and the teased hair of craven ecstasy is a wisp of light that may exist only in your eye. George Glass is a band from Los Angeles.

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