Sunday, October 5, 2014


Rick Hart’s Album, Spiral, tells a story of love and heart break with a soft rock country style. Although these country tunes might give you the blues, his songs, "Mess I’m In" & "Hummingbird", will inspire you to get up and dance around regardless. This, “love sucks, but I can’t get enough” vibe is accented with peppy piano intros and pleasant guitar solos. 

My favorite is "Hummingbird" because I thought I was listening to John Mayer, but Rick’s smooth-rich voice made it an original. Second favorite is "Mess I'm In".. I found myself reflex tapping my feet to the beat. Best line is, "Is it wrong to assume, with all of its perfections, love can conquer and consume.” 

All together, Spiral is fit for easy listening, and thanks to the more cliche and repetitive lyrics Rick uses, you’ll find yourself singing along in no time. 

For Fans Of: Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, John Mayer
RATING 7.5/10  - Melody Miles

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