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Romeo Spike "For the Cause" review - Flagpole

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Romeo Spike

For the Cause


The debut album from the dynamic duo of Mike Kunz and Donn Aaron is a genuinely solid first effort. Though it might be a stretch to call it "futuristic classic rock," For the Cause is a satisfactory melding of atmospheric space rock and chunky alt rock/ indie pop arrangements. What flows from the speakers is more reminiscent of The Teardrop Explodes than Pink Floyd, with elements of jazz and blues thrown in for good measure. Every now and again it becomes impossible to tell the difference between Romeo Spike and Science For Girls, due the band's wide array of instrumentation and the subtle down-tempo grooves floating in and out of the background. Even Kunz's emotive and slurred vocals become an instrument, especially on the closing track "Yesterday's News" - a perfectly sparse arrangement containing haunting melodies and atmospherics. Thankfully For the Cause is chock full of standout numbers including the bluesy, sexy, drug-love ballad, "Cocaine Slim" and the upbeat synth-laced dream-pop of "Star Power," a song that's sure to be stuck on repeat.

And while Kunz and Aaron are responsible for most everything you hear on the album, they were able to garner the attention of Grammy-award winner and long-time Elton John mix engineer/producer Matt Still who produced, mixed and provided back-up vocals on almost half the album. Though some of the lyrics may be a bit absurd, overall this first effort is resoundingly engaging, resulting in an album that's absolutely worth the fight

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