Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Nothing can shed light on a new band more than releasing a listenable solid EP. I Know Leopard is shining in my eyes as I listen to their EP Illumina for the third time. Vocal and musical harmonies softly bounce upon the ear drums, while still maintaining the necessary hard edge. If The Shins, Arctic Monkeys (minus the British accent), and Death Cab For Cutie had a baby, I Know Leopard breathes. But before little infant I Know Leopard could record this EP, he had to grow up and find his identity as a full grown band first.

 I Know Leopard can be compared to many bands, but they have a great unique sound. In the end this EP doesn’t deserve a comparison. “Illumina” by I Know Leopard deserves a listen.

-Daniel Callan

Stand Out Track: "She"

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