Thursday, March 13, 2014

CD REVIEW: Rusty Boxx's EP "Scattered Keeses"

This may just be me, but listening to Rusty Boxx for the first time is sort of like when you hear a Bon Iver song for the first time and it feels like he is singing in a language that is foreign to you by definition but you completely feel for what his meaning is-- then as you listen again and get beyond the emotion of the music and you comprehend the lyrics, and the meaning behind those lyrics, it becomes even more beautiful and wonderful. (And even if you don't ever comprehend, or you don't like what you hear when you comprehend, you can just revert your ears to back to foreign language mode and simply enjoy the implied and musically created emotions.)

Rusty Boxx's EP, "Scattered Keeses," is full of both vocal and guitar harmonies that will squish your heart in a really great way. There is nothing I would love more than to hear these harmonies performed live, in an intimate venue, where everyone present feels wrapped in the the music and it's almost as if the audience has a part in creating the music too. If you're a fan of fantastic folk groups that perform with two guitars and swirling harmonies, I highly recommend The Milk Carton Kids-- they will squish your heart too. 

Start with Rusty, Ellen, and the two Chris' band, Rusty Boxx, first though. They are a tight little group, with tons of the aforementioned beautiful harmonies, wonderful stories rooted in Ellen's drawings, and a new EP "Scattered Keeses," releasing March 31, 2014 on Oh Mercy! Records. 

Anna Leuning

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