Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Goin to Bethlehem; starts off lovely and cheery with the rapid guitar and percussion intro, until the lyrics remind me of elementary school church group leaders. The song is too short for those lyrics to be repeated that often. Thoroughly would have enjoyed this song if something else were said. Short sweet and to the point I guess… 

Offeratory; the piano is grand and beautiful… not a huge fan of Kathryn’s voice, but these lyrics are have the most originality to them. I’m continuously pleased by the piano in the background... expected the song to be longer.  

Light of the Stable; hallelujah… thank god I don’t usually listen to this religious crap. The band is amazing and sounds full and dynamic, but… their writing sounds like every other gospel/god worshiping song I’ve ever heard… this also song ended too suddenly

Momma Mary; Kathryn’s voice lacks any kind of differentially to her other songs (most often sharp and difficult to enjoy). The band carries her… the mood of this song is confusing. Most certainly intended for religious easy listening.   

OVERALL SUMMARY ->  Kathryn Caine’s Christmas is a perfect album for families with little ones that like to sing along for the holidays. All of Kathryn’s songs are short sweet and to the point of praising the good lord’s name, but also end sooner than expected. There is a lack of lyric originality in most of the songs, excluding Offeratory, and maybe Momma Mary. The band makes up for Kathryn’s ordinary voice, and most often hides her tendencies to sing sharply. 

Overall the album gets a 4.5/10 for keeping it simple

-Melody Miles


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