Friday, December 4, 2015

[Video Premier] The Drainage Redray Frazier

[Video Premier] Get A First Person Look At Portland's Music Scene With RedRay Frazier's "Blood In The Water"! — 

Portland has changed so much in the past 5 years, it’s practically unrecognizable. High rises and apartment complexes are springing up all around town, while people who’ve lived here for generations are pushed out into the margins of the suburbs and beyond. 
It’s a time-honored tale of gentrification and urban development – not exactly a newsflash. With things changing so much, on top of so many expectations and stereotypes, it can be hard to find the REAL Portland, or to recognize it when you do. 
Portland’s RedRay Frazier is correcting that with “Blood In The Water”, a first person GoPro tour through a day in the life of a working musician in Bridgetown. 
RedRay Frazier blood in the water video
“Blood In The Water” came about organically, coming from a desire for Frazier to work with longtime friend Novosti Luke, who directed the video. Frazier knew he wanted to feature a sweet new white electric Reverend guitar, along with DJ Klavical’s also-sweet 1967 AMC Ambassador, and a plan was born. 
Frazier & Luke settled on a simple GoPro setup, to counter the technical limitations, and we are left with a personal, intimate glimpse of what life is REALLY like in Portland, and why some of us love it so much! 
Following Frazier getting showered and dressed, Frazier takes us on a guided tour of 3/4 of Portland’s quadrants. 

Some Recognizable Sites And Sounds From “Blood In The Water”:

Frazier’s Portland oddyssey concludes with a raging house show/party, as the band works the crowd into a froth with their low down slinky soul. 

Some takeaways from RedRay Frazier’s “Blood In The Water” video:

  • Sizzle Pie’s so good! Why does it have to be so expensive!
  • This may be your last chance to remember what Portland sun looks like for a while.
  • House shows are where it’s at in this city. We need more house shows!
  • Piano and turntables sound awesome together! More people need to explore this combo.
  • As everybody wails and gnashes their teeth over the changing face of PDX, RedRay Frazier reminds us to look around and appreciate what we DO have. After all, the only way our culture will survive and thrive is through support, appreciation, and involvement. 
    You heard it hear first. Get hipped to RedRay Frazier and get involved! This time next year, he’s going to be bouncing the Crystal Ballroom’s dancefloor.
    “Blood In The Water” is the opening track off of RedRay Frazier’s debut album, which is out now!
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