Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mayer’s Playlist for January 2016

Daredevil Man, Redray Frazier (from the self-released Blood in the Water
Portland-based Frazier has quite the musical pedigree. He has spent time singing gospel music in his father’s Baptist church, touring the country as front-man for a soulful rock band and performing as part of David Byrne’s band. 
While the eclectic background informs the music of his solo career, it doesn’t define it. Blood in the Water is a rocking R&B record, pure and simple. Six tracks of taut soul that is rooted in the 1970’s funkified tradition yet has plenty of contemporary flourishes.
I’m not sure if Stevie Wonder has had the pleasure of listening to this release, but I expect he’d break out into a big ol’ grin if he did.

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