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Motorik "KLANG!" review on Bring On Mixed Reviews

Motorik - Klang! - Review
by Staff, at 5:53 pm
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Release Date: July 29th, 2008
Record Label: None
Genre: Post-Punk

It’s rare that you might run into a word that was coined by music journalists and even more rare that a band would use it as a name. The word “Motorik” was made to describe the 4/4 beat used by German rock bands (often called “Krautrock”). It also means “motor skill” in German and I wasn’t exactly sure which this band was driving at. Even with the name of their new record “Klang!,” I still wasn’t quite sure. Did they mean the klang of a busted engine, or the klang of a weird set of drum kits. Either way, these nine tracks where going to be translated into meaningful music journalism. Then maybe I can invent my own word, Reviewization!

It appears that post-punk has finally made its way over to the rainy corner of the US, Seattle. Chipper guitar riffs are present here, but take a backseat to the driving bass lines. Overemphasis on the bass isn’t a new idea, but the creative twists the band takes with the configuration are what make it special. Everything that resonates out of the speakers has heavy dissonance, which fills out the “post” in their genres title.

The 4/4 beat is plentiful in “Klang!” making for a speedy pace and positive feeling throughout, much like bands such as Interpol and Echo & The Bunnymen. It really feels like the punk bands of the past, which were filled with wild high pitched shouts with well-rounded and repetitive drum/bass lines. So this busy threesome has put together some charming post-punk that is douse in fluffy energy, with authentic downplayed production. And while “Klang!” is more “Fuzzy!” in the sound department, the poppy beat and growing potential makes sure Motorik has a place in your thoughts. ~Staff

Score: 3/5

Track Listing:
1. Or So I Thought
2. Box of Knives
3. Robert Palmer
4. It’s Just Sugar
5. Utopia Parkway
6. First Rule
7. Hands Tied
8. Patent Kiss
9. Six Filters

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