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Motorik review in CULTURE MOB

August 21, 2008
motorik: KLANG!
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“KLANG!” is the debut cd released by Seattle band motorik.

This 9 song CD (recorded by Jack Endino at SoundHouse and Gary Mula at Calleye) is all heart and no nonsense. They have the sound of a garage rock band with punk influences. Three tracks to pay attention to are 2> box of knives, 4> it’s just sugar and 5> utopia parkway.

Box of knives is the sound of a San Francisco smoke filled punk club in the late 80’s. Towards the end of the track, guitarist Adrian Garver (D.C. Beggars) plays a high pitched siren like riff that defines the entire CD. My favorite is a track called it’s just sugar. Sio’s (Andover 7, Nod, Smile) intense vocals offer no amnesty for the casual listener. She’s not trying to make friends, she’s belting out painful memories (or so it seems by this listener). Finally, utopia parkway is what you get when your drummer isn’t going to take no for an answer. In fact, drummer Hoagie Gero (D.C. Beggars) is tight, loud and extremely creative throughout this CD. I mean, who is this guy anyway?

Klang! is an ambitious garage rock CD that could have easily fell short of it’s destination. A lesser band would have turned around and gone home. Instead, the combination of these three artists manage to demonstrate what good instincts and a healthy disregard for “SOS” can do. I loved it!

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