Saturday, February 21, 2009

Romeo Spike Review on guestlist magazine

"For The Cause Self-Released"

When a talented duo comes together like Mike Kunz and Donn Aaron, who make up Romeo Spike, you don't need to dive two far into their debut album to see the immense amount of talent that you have just stumbled upon. Though there is some additional programming and back up vocals that are thrown into the mix on "For The Cause," it's the odd placement of Donn Aaron's pedal steel, usually an instrument that is used in country music, that sets the tone for the genius of this album. For the most part you are going to hear a classic rock sound with a modern approach ala Peter Gabriel in that the vocals are presented in a way that sometimes comes across as a whisper as is best displayed on the slower paced tracks like "Candy Heart." Though they aren't afraid to show off their rock approach either as they show on the guitar driven "Laserbeams" and with the pounding rhythms on "Spector's Ghost." But it is the prominent use of the pedal steel that through it all continued to stand out the most and that is no more evident than on "Cocaine Skinny." Sometimes an album like this leaves a lot to be desired as the artists will tend to stray far to the left of the dial in an effort to be unique, but that is not the case here. The blending of uniqueness is perfectly laced over a radio friendly mix of pop and rock driven sounds making this album and easy listen and at the same time falling into the category of "doesn't sound like anything else out there right now."

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