Wednesday, August 26, 2009

THe BAcksliders reviewed on Voice of Energy

THe BAcksliders – Thank You:

I’m not sure who we have to thank for Kim Bonner’s interest and appreciation of raw rock ‘n’ roll, but they should deserve some small stipend or plaque celebrating their wherewithal to help Ms. Bonner find the proper career path. Or a job as a guidance counselor. Kim Bonner’s scratchy, yet sweet voice is custom made for fronting a blustery, bluesy rock outfit like this Dallas, TX group. Their latest album (the band’s third) has a hint of pop treacle to it – the mark of some songwriters who have grown up listening to plenty of albums and singles from the ’60s – but what takes you by the lapels are the songs that encourage you to push the gas pedal down a little further, the open highway tracks that could add a few extra points to your driving record.

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