Wednesday, August 5, 2009

grayceon review on MAELSTROM


GRAYCEON - This Grand Show - CD - Vendlus - 2008

review by: Chaim Drishner

This Grand Show is a surprisingly great folk / thrash metal combo of epic proportions. Grayceon is fronted by Amber Asylum's electric cello player (who presides both over her vocals and the cello), as well as a couple of dudes (drums and guitar/vocals) from a rather unknown band by the name of Walken.

This wedding of classical versus metal approach has turned to be an interesting and ambitious project. This Grand Show combines the sad and highly contemplative tunes of Amber Asylum and a more metallic, rock-oriented vibe that drives and pushes the musical plot forward and lends it its dynamic and abrasive character.

This Grand Show is ear candy on many accounts. The somber cello coupled with the powerful female voice and the progressive, folk-oriented elements enveloped by thrashing guitar and interesting rhythms, make this album a varied, highly original and very much entertaining release.

Some of the tracks are a tad bizarre and unorthodox, devoid of the aforementioned elements, but more in the dark ambient school. Some parts are sad, neoclassical lullabies in the Amber Asylum tradition, while others more straightforward and more simply structured. A few incorporate all of the above. This Grand Show is exactly what the title suggests: it is a weird, original, highly diverse and wonderful album. Get this grand show. (9/10)

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