Friday, September 11, 2009

BLACK SKIES testimonial about xo publicity

"XO publicity did an amazing job publicizing our tour. Prior to hiring XO, we always had a DIY approach, so we were hesitant about the idea at first. But we had spent so much effort booking the tour that we really wanted to get the word out about our shows this time. Booking our own tour and all the logistics surrounding that meant we really had no time to publicize properly; not to mention we didn't have nearly the amount of contacts as XO. We also never really had much luck getting press with the exception of one or two write-ups here or there during several weeks out on the road. Hiring a publicist to contact the media seemed to legitimize a write-up or interview more so than contacting them directly. Immediately after hiring XO, we noticed results. We were getting calls for interviews, more traffic on our website, Myspace, EPK and ReverbNation profiles and had writers coming out to review our shows. We had at least one write-up/interview, sometimes two or three, for almost every night of our 20 day US tour. They were all very positive and included full-color photos. It was such a relief to know we make a good decision in hiring XO. Carly, our publicist for this tour was so easy to get along with, very professional but also down to earth, enthusiastic about our band and hard working! She and Kaytea were always quick to respond to our texts and messages and kept us up to date with write-ups so we could check the local papers as well as who to put on our guest list for reviews. Since returning from tour, we have recommended XO to several of our close friends' bands. We will definitely hire them again for future tours. XO rocks!"
- Michelle Temple/ Black Skies

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