Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Track x Track on Caravan of Thieves

Track x Track: Caravan of Thieves - Bouquet
For this edition of Track By Track, Caravan of Thieves guitarist Fuzz shares a quick factoid about each track on his band’s debut album, Bouquet. Fuzz is probably best known to our audience as the Deep Banana Blackout guitarist, but his latest project shows a completely different side of his musicality.

Bouquet features gypsy-flavored songs with gorgeous harmonies that swing. The disc is currently available through CD Baby and iTunes. Caravan of Thieves have spent plenty of time on the road lately and you can catch them this weekend at the Porcupine Mountains and TC Microbrew festivals in Michigan. Take it away, Fuzz…

1. Ghostwriter - We open the record with this one since it sets the tone and tells the story of where we get all our song ideas… from a highly imaginative ghost who frequents our home.

2. Rattlesnake - Sat with the letter ‘S’ and started swingin’ so steadily, the snake inside us sang the rest of the song out.

3. The Butcher’s Wife - Its somewhat autobiographical… our spirit writer friend explains how he wound up a spirit - by flirting with the alluring wife of a butcher. READ ON for more from Fuzz on the songs of Bouquet…

4. Freaks - the ice breaker in both the show and on the record since we let everyone know it’s ok to be different, express themselves and that we are ‘freaks’ too. In addition, during this song we ask the audience to do a complicated clap along.

5. Bar Isole - This song is significant since it is the first song that was delivered to Carrie and I (Fuzz) which eventually led to us creating the Caravan of Thieves.

6. Billy - As far as we are told, Billy got careless hiding his other identity as a bug and wound up getting captured. It’s sad, really…

7. Bouquet - Have you ever had a lot on your mind but you just can’t seem to put it into words? This is a ballade of two soul mates who have that problem. And we named the album ‘Bouquet’ because we wanted to put a creepy little boy on the cover holding flowers. We took that photo with a 150 year old tin type camera.

8. Zu Zu’s Petals - the Ouija board conked out on us that day but the music felt good so we kept going. Made for a great instrumental intermission piece on the album.

9. Burial at Sea - We dove deep into the art of Pirate lingo and became possessed and obsessed so we spoke only ‘pirate’ to each other for days. The lyrics came easy from there.

10. Box of Charms - a bottle of Absinthe was polished off during the recording of this track.

11. Angels in Cages - Life is a circus… and the clowns are in charge! …and the angels are in cages.

12. Dr Flynn - Judging by the lyrics and vocal take, Brian is single and drinks Absinthe quite often.

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