Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Onion preview for Giant Squid

Giant Squid’s Aaron Gregory obviously has a deep fascination with the sea. A professional scuba diver who relocated from Austin to work at San Francisco’s Bay Aquarium, he drowns his emotive metal band in oceanic imagery, from the title of its recent The Ichthyologist to lyrical themes that could double as Melville stories. Like a coral reef, the shadows of Giant Squid's ostensibly doom-metal sound teem with hidden species, from flutters of flute, violin, and banjo to Middle Eastern ragas to the bruised, beautiful interplay between the smoky female backing vocals and Gregory’s own Tom Waits-ish burr. Such complexity is also typical of headliner Baron Grod, whose progressive, Isis-influenced metal has strains of expressive post-rock buried within its corrosive thrash.

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