Wednesday, December 30, 2009


THE FAMILY CURSE – White Medicine

Raw strings scraped further by the distorted whine of high-pitched female vocals, White Medicine is a breathless dysfunctional mess. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Although compared to bands such as Butthole Surfers, Pain Teens and The Jesus Lizard, for the most part The Family Curse lacks the organized psychotic structure of those outfits, opting instead in many places to simply pour forth a vomitous maelstrom of sound that threatens to break down at any moment. Not that there’s anything wrong with that: “Back in the Water” crawls from the shore to disintegrate into a throbbing, quavering hymn of de-evolution, replete with the requisite chiming and moaning, “Big Black Mark” sounds a bit like Cyndi Lauper spending some quality time on acid with Rapeman, “Like Lightning” is distinctively feral in a black metal way, and “Sewing Box” has a dangerously seductive allure. Throughout, numerous samples and tape loops are brought into play, bringing equal parts damage and illumination. At times this does evoke a stuttering quality which is a bit too techno for the dangerous bad trip drug culture sound the band seems to be striving for, but White Medicine remains dark and disturbed without a doubt. And if you’re of the same bent you’ll want to give this a spin. Jagged. Definitely jagged.
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