Tuesday, December 29, 2009

san diego reader supports PRIZE COUNTRY

Thursday 12

For 94/9’s Belly Up booking tonight, it’ll be about the fuzz-pop music. From the Dum Dum Girls distorto doo-wop and the Crocodiles warm and fuzzy feedback, to headliners the Raveonettes’ hook-heavy blowouts on their latest In and Out of Control, speakers will be dripping swank ooze and ears will smile.... If that one sells out before you reach the door, get down to the Soda Bar’s one-year anniversary event, featuring a smorgasbord of sounds from the venue’s favorite indie rockers, Apes of Wrath, Roxy Jones, Deatheaters, Old In Out, and Bunky! All for the low, low price of nothing!... A couple blocks to the left at Radio Room it’ll be Portland’s post-hardcore crew Prize Country. Give an ear or two to their new one ...with love, a collection whose energy recalls the best of early ‘90s punk’d r ‘n’ r. Also on that bill is Loom from Salt Lake and our own skate-punk supergroup Rats Eyes.... A couple more city blocks south, N.Y. psych-jam duo Blues Control and U.K. garage punx the Lovvers bang the Bar Pink stage.... While ‘round downtown, you get the “ga ga” of ‘90s radio ga ga, as Gin Blossoms test their bloom at Anthology and Third Eye Blind bumps into House of Blues.


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