Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jessie Torris in THE DAILY NEWS

JESSIE TORRISI, “Brûler Brûler”
(Wild Curls) ✰✰✰ — Jessie Torrisi started off drumming for a handful of NYC bands before journeying through New Orleans and Brazil, finally setting up shop in Austin, Texas. Now on her own (for good, she says), Torrisi has spit shined a debut platter of eight tracks that feel like a big appetizer. That is to say the songs are tasty, yet not entirely satisfying. She has a nice, downhome voice, and I don’t doubt her chops, but she needs to get stronger. Country-rich “Hungry Like Me” is fine as an opener, but no more, and “X in Texas” is overwrought with cliché. But there are some really good moments here too. Witness the breezy, ’70s pop of “So Many Miles” and the closing piano ballad “The Brighter Side,” which gets a sip of pedal steel, and you clearly see what she’s capable of. It’s just a start, and a decent one, and hopefully next record will benefit by her honing her craft on the road. (BK)

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