Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prize Country review on PASTE PUNK
October 31 2009 // Posted by Jordan
Oregon’s PRIZE COUNTRY have been around for 3.5 years now, and owe their name to seven releases, including two-lengths, their latest being With Love, on Hex Records. Having not been very familiar with their prior works, I was extremely thrilled to learn that the group’s sound is in the vein of post-hardcore bands like SNAPCASE, TIME IN MALTA, QUICKSAND, and FRODUS. With Love is 30+ minutes of surging, beautifully rhythmic music, lead by tantalizing dual guitars, a sharp-toothed bass drum pedal, and the soft-spoken, but pointed vocals of Aaron Blanchard. It’s hard not to find yourself in a continuous state of ‘bounce’ when listening to this release. The sixth track, “What We’re Made Of,” runs nearly six minutes long, and is the band’s most ambitious effort, starting with a straight-forward linear intro, and delving into a circular rhythm that shoots off waves of guitars like swells from a hurricane. The tune concludes with a firing off of thick slabs of bass and the feeling that PRIZE COUNTRY always tidy up whatever musical mess they create. Although anthems really aren’t this band’s thing, With Love displays its catchy side on “Bigger Picture,” which is custard-filled with memorable lines and pacing, and the sour aftertaste of a FUGAZI tongue-lashing. As a matter of first impression, PRIZE COUNTRY have me hooked solid – time to work my way through their back catalog…

Hex Records

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