Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pictures Of Then - And The Wicked Sea

Pictures Of Then - And The Wicked Sea

I’ve written before about how some songs seem to fit dawn. Images of a rising sun, light graceful uncovering the landscape, night time gradually fading away. Pictures of Then conjures those images, especially “Glimpse of Dawn” (of course).

The band reminds me of My Morning Jacket vocally and a more straightforward Spoon with the rest of the music.

Thanks to them, yesterday will have a soundtrack. I listened to And The Wicked Sea at every opportunity. It played every time I got in the car, while I worked, during every walk, and in my head while I stared out the window.

Towards the end, honestly, I was getting slightly tired of it. That reaction is only normal considering the absurdly excessive amount (I just remembered a prize I got in fifth grade for “Best Adjective User.” I’m not kidding) of rotations those songs went through in only one day.

I suppose it was worth it, though.

An entire day will have an album. It’s quite an interesting thing. The deeply notable events don’t hurt the significance of yesterday, either. It was rife with incredibly rare events and personal connections that are equally uncommon. And The Wicked Sea followed every turn.

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