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The Best You’ve Never Heard…Yet MUSIC FOR ANIMALS

The Best You’ve Never Heard…Yet
January 23, 2010 by J.T. Ryder
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Music For Animals

Things were set adrift in 2004 when singer Jayson Martinovich and bassist Eli Meyskens split from their band, One of Many. As they searched for other members that would complete their vision of a new sound, guitarist Nick Bray was added to the fray, having made an impression on Jayson and Eli years earlier. In a Craigslist twist, the final member, Ryan Malley, who had recently moved to California from Pittsburgh, became a member of the band after posting an ad online looking for a band to join.

The sound that Jayson and Eli had envisioned, emboldened with the inclusion of Ryan and melding with Nick’s grinding rhythms, Music For Animals coalesced quickly, creating a unique melange that somehow embraces a uniquely fresh approach to music while incongruously harkening back to an eighties throwback sound.

They quickly made a name for themselves on San Francisco’s music scene, winning the Battle of the Bands contest there and have since toured in an ever widening circuit, taking in the West Coast and some points East. In 2009, Music For Animals took the stage at Live 105’s BFD music festival in San Francisco, sharing the stage with thirty-six other bands, such as The Offspring, Cage The Elephant and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

In 2006, they released there first EP titled, Transmission, which was quickly followed up with a full length album in early 2007. There next album, a self titled effort, gained a lot of airplay on the college circuits, gaining them a wide fan base. With a collection of catchy, riff and rhythm laden tracks gaining speed, such as the retro-eighties house track, Worry, and other songs like Bi Or Curious, Justine and Love Love Love, Music For Animals has proven itself to be a tightly knit act with more to offer than just an anomalous hit or two. One of their songs that has garnered a lot of attention, titled Nervous In New York, has received a welcomed remix treatment from the Bay Area R&B funk duo known as Wallpaper. The remix insistently wraps the hook over and over, bringing Jayson’s vocals forward with utter clarity, creating a rabidly danceable mix to the fore. Their latest release, If Looks Could Kill, encapsulates the essence of unclouded songwriting, bringing a cleanly brash sound and yearningly strident vocals reminiscent of Naked Eyes song Promises, Promises.

You can experience for yourself the sound of Music For Animals on their website or their MySpace page, as well as check out their videos, their newscasts and find out about their latest tour schedule.

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