Monday, March 29, 2010


The Unit Breed - Always Distance the Lonely (self)
If you Google me, I think it's pretty easy to tell what kind of music I write about. Even the image results indicate I'm an Americana/folk/roots gal (the Google search I just performed showed me talking to someone at the EMP conference, a photo I took of Langhorne Slim, one of Jeff Tweedy, a cover of a Son Volt album, and a beatup pickup truck). None of this indicates I have any knowledge or appreciation of "psychadelic prog-rock." I don't even know what that phrase means. Here I am typing this paragraph, and I have no idea how many songs have gone by because this is the scariest, weirdest, trippiest shit I have ever heard in my life. I have never taken LSD, but would guess this is the kind of record that you don't want to put on when you're on an acid trip. I don't know what the hell is happening here sonically, nor do I have any idea how to explain it. I can't even figure out if I would love it or hate it, if this were the kind of music I was into. Next.

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