Thursday, September 30, 2010

A bit of Bowie in Bonedome


A bit of Bowie in Bonedome

By Kimberly Nicoletti
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What: ‘Bonedome'
Who: Thinktankubator
More info:
It's not everyday that boys from Texas crank out an album with vocals and minor chords akin to make-up donning David Bowie. Yet Thinktankubator has pulled it off — and fairly well, I might add.

The disc starts strong with a rocking “Sandman” tune and morphs into a more Bowie-sounding collection — that is, until it changes to multi-instrumentals, which occasionally smack of Pink Floyd, and then becomes repetitious.

The band calls it layered, with a symphonic approach.

Oddly enough, fresh tunes intermingle with monotonous ones. “Sandman” asserts, from its first lines, “I have hereby resolved not to do anything I don't want to do, excepting of course, when I find I have to.”

It's too bad they didn't feel they had to push a bit harder with some of the lyrics, particularly in last two songs, “Better” and “Custody Lullabye.” (I mean, certainly, with an intriguing title like “Custody Lullabye,” they could've come up with something more original than “go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little baby.”)

That said, Bonedome does contain some solid musicianship and great lines like “He ain't heavy; he's fat and American, but the girls still love him; he don't get around so good, rounding up the chosen few really takes it out of you; slow down, Jesus is crossing.”

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