Saturday, September 11, 2010




Summer Break Records 2010

Thinktankubator indie rock sound abounds with references to a ton of late 80s/early 90s alternative and new wave artists. Allan Hayslip's vocals are in the baritone range and remind me at times of David Bowie. Opener Sandman has a strong feeling of 80s British new wave, somewhat along the wavelength of Big Country, and expansive sort of freedom as the song drifts across summery fields of rock. Up next is Fade Away with a nod towards They Might be Giants and with a rockier attitude. Whereas Girl One lingers in a meandering path of sound explosions and brings to mind a bit of the Pixies. Total Bowie worship opens the track I Can Lose You. The song makes an unbreakable alloy of the Bowie influence and strong hints of Echo and The Bunymen. More Echo and the Bunnyman accents are woven into the fabric of the dark and dreamy, Easy. Steven takes on the slow building comedy of Weezer but twists it into a darker animal altogether. After the rowdy rock of Better, the album screeches to halt as it shifts gears with the finale track, Custody Lullaby. The song is dreamy and sorrowful, though a little awkward in the vocal department. On Thinktankubator, Bonedome sprinkles in influences into their own personal blender and grinds them into catchy, moody indie rock that feel familiar and elusive all at once. So if dark new-wave/pop/alternative/indie-rock sounds like it could nestle inside your brain then Bonedome is certainly an interesting journey.

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