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Caravan of Thieves hopes to steal hearts at Rock & Roll Hotel

Caravan of Thieves hopes to steal hearts at Rock & Roll Hotel

By: Nancy Dunham
Special to The Examiner
September 22, 2010 It’s just about impossible to become jaded when you listen to Caravan of Thieves.

There’s something so jaunty, so exciting, so old school mixed with contemporary that it true is like nothing else out there. The creators, Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni created the band after they decided to move away from rock and head straight back to acoustic – and then some.

If you go
Caravan of Thieves opening for
Tom Tom Club
with Tony Castles

» Where: Rock & Roll Hotel, 1353 H St. NE
» When: 7 p.m. (doors), 8 p.m. show Thursday
» Info: $20; 202-388-7625;“We didn’t want to [become] some hum drum singer-songwriters,” Fuzz Sangiovanni said. “As we were thinking along those lines we started listening to gypsy jazz … and the whole thing came together.”

And it’s still growing and evolving. Bringing influences in from everyone from the Grateful Dead to Queen to classic folk, the band puts on some of the most eclectic sets many concert audiences have ever seen – and keep it all full of family fun, too.

“We are still trying to fit in the mix,” Sangiovanni said. “We are finding a lot of folk audiences love what we’re doing [but we also attract those that enjoy] left of center or experimental types of pop. … We are definitely doing something very different.”

“When we were planning it we looked at stage shows of [Jean “Django” Reinhardt] and … others, thought about spooky ghost stories,” Sangiovanni said. “From there is just grew.”

But don’t think the band is a tribute or vaudeville-type show. Caravan of Thieves may mix many formats but they are true to a particular sound.

That sound — that you can also hear on their album “Bouquet” – is a bit classical, a bit theatrical, a bit Dead Head, a bit jazz, a bit blues and completely unlike anything else.

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