Wednesday, March 23, 2011 videotaping The Ro Sham Bo's at The Tube videotaping The Ro Sham Bo's at The Tube

I know this is RIDICULOUSLY short notice, considering the show is in, oh, two hours, but ungodly short notice is better than no notice at all, right?

The piano-driven, Tori Amos-esque trio, The Ro Sham Bo's, headed by the ever-so-talented Madeline Williams-Brownlee's burlesque vocals and cabaret-style keys, are playing a FREE show at THE TUBE TONIGHT at 9 pm.

And what's even cooler than a free show? Oh yeah, the fact that mother effing will be videotaping the whole damn thing! So peel yourself off your couch, put on your dancing shoes, and for god's sake, brush your hair so you can look halfway decent on camera.

-Katrina Nattres

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