Monday, March 7, 2011

Paper Tongues at the Triple Rock Recap

Paper Tongues at the Triple Rock Recap

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The Paper Tongues are the real deal – a perfect blend of attitude, melody, love of show, and love of fan. Seeing them on June 19 was a sort of breath of fresh air after seeing Montreal’s Wolf Parade the night before at First Avenue. Wolf Parade is one of my favorite bands of the last five or so years, but I laid my disappointments to bear in an article a week and a half ago.

What was it about Paper Tongues then that caused such sweet refreshment? In short, it was all about the show; the energy, the messages, the air of genuineness, and the mutual satisfaction that occurred between a band and its fans. Paper Tongues may have only drawn 100 – 150 fans out to the Triple Rock, but every one of those fans were fist pumping, jazz handing, vocal projecting believers in a young band whose flirting with stardom only began several months ago. Perhaps part of the reason for this belief resides in the hopeful messages of their songs like “Trinity,” a remarkable pop tune that ought to be heard synched left and right in the upcoming Fall season of network television. It’s one of the few songs I’ve heard in quite some time that truly seems to own a little something for everyone!

But here’s the real personal factor that reveals the power of this band to storm the future with an unrelenting potential. The Paper Tongues made me want to step forward and be part of their adoring crowd that evening, but perhaps for too long I’ve been too enmeshed in that indie crowd so described at the Wolf Parade show. My resolution ought to be to step forward and return to a decade ago when I still valued that place against the railing front and center of stage. I think I could do that at a Paper Tongues show and feel at home, and not in the least feel out of place. Sure, most fans there that night were 5 – 10 years younger than me, but like I said, this band, like the song below, has a little something for everyone – and that includes you (and me)!

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