Saturday, March 26, 2011

Harris’ Song of the Week: Ride To California by Paper Tongues

Harris’ Song of the Week: Ride To California by Paper Tongues

By Harris

I’m really having trouble figuring out this song. One second I hate and the next I love it. Lucky for North Carolina’s Paper Tongues, right now I’m loving it. Although this is our song of the week, I’m going to start with the things which I haven’t bought into yet. The first (and most noticeable) feature of this band is the unique style of lead singer Aswan North. During the entire song, it sounds as if he is screaming at the very end of his breath while never coming up short of air. If you’ve never heard the band before this could be the first thing that makes your ears twitch.

The structure of the song is really fun and uptempo. From watching the music video, it seemed as if the band had thirty members. Checking the numbers, I came up with seven, a very large number for most alternative rock bands these days. With both a pair of keyboards and guitars, the band creates a sound that fuses modern electro with uptempo pop rock. It is certainly a winning combination. In 2009 this song peaked at #22 on Billboards Alternative char but is holding steady as we near the end of a 2010 summer that left me (and many music fans) feeling ripped off.

Although the summer is supposed to be a time of great new music, this summer has been lackluster to say the least. This song and handful of others will highlight the end of summer music drought that has plagued most of the US.

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