Monday, March 21, 2011


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White Orange ...And This is Why I Speak to You in Parables

Made in China Records (33-RPM 180g 12” single)MICR 002

I’m always interested in trying new music, so when I was offered the chance to listen to White Orange’s current 12” single, ...And This is Why I Speak to You in Parables, I leapt at it. White Orange is a band based in Portland, Oregan, and I would describe their music as sort of psychedelic progressive rock.

Containing just two tracks (the 13-minute title track is backed with Middle of the Riddle), this 12” single is a limited edition (of only 500 copies) picture disc. As suits this type of material, the bass, drums, and electric guitars are up front in the mix, with the bass and drums being particularly prominent (but not in a negative way).

Because it’s a picture disk, there’s a sort of vinyl rush that’s particularly audible on the lead in groove (I think I’m right in stating that all the picture discs I have suffer from this minor problem to some extent), but the good news is that the surfaces are free from other anomalies (i.e., tics and pops) and the pressing is flat.

The heavy cardboard sleeve is nice to see (although it is just a little tight; another millimetre or two on each side would make removing and replacing the record easier—but I quibble!), and for extra value a download code is included with the record. The digital download is available in several formats—including FLAC—and I think the band is to be applauded for this. This is a good record and independent bands need our support, so give this one a try! RT

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