Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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Bruler Bruler
Jessie Torrisi is a recognizable face around New York City as she has played drums for several bands over the years, and although she may call New York home, she is well traveled and influenced by cities with rich culture and music like Brazil and New Orleans and she has poured all of her eclectic influences into her debut solo effort Bruler Bruler. The 8-track album fuses together a wide array of instruments that are not necessarily the common ones used like violin, cello, and trombone, which coincidently is the prominent instrument used early on in the album on “X in TeXas.” The blending of instruments runs the borderline between obscure and unique on “Runaway Train,” while on “Cannonball,” you are met with a 1920’s jazz feel. But all of the instrumentation aside this album is about Jessie Torrisi and her outstanding vocal ability. Throughout the album her vocals are full of the utmost sincerity as she shows on the more slower paced tracks like “Breeze in Carolina” and “Storm Clouds” on the second half of the album. However, “The Bright Side” which closes the album is the standout track. It relies on heavy use of the piano to more or less accompany her vocals and she delivers them in an outstanding way that pulls you into the song allowing you to live the lyric with her. When an artist combines odd instruments together it usually ends up sounding just that, odd, but somehow Torrisi was able to cohesively blend everything allowing the true shining light of the album to come to the front throughout each and every track; Her voice.

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