Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pictures of Then on CHICAGO SNACKS

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Mark Your Calendar (Brown Shoe, Pictures of Then, Blane Fonda, Welcome to Ashley)
Welcome back from your dabbles in independence. I saw some fireworks and like Gov S.P., cut and ran. Good times ahead. Here are a few shows I’ve been made privy to. Check them out.

Post-rockers, Welcome to Ashley @ Double Door, July 8. Free show with The Beat Seekers, The Moves & Injured Parties.

The next night, get a spoonful of Pictures of Then at Double Door (July 9) when they play with Chico Fellini and The Sleepers. They’re from Minneapolis.

Brown Shoe will bring their Coldplay-ish rock n’ roll to Cal’s Bar on August 1 with Seafarer.

Lastly, Chicago’s Blane Fonda will be rocking out at times goofbally and other times seriously on August 13 at Schuba’s for their record release party.

Here’s a video from Brown Shoe that is pretty good. I wish the singer looked a little more interested in singing, but that’s ok.

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