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Review: Pictures Of Then - And The Wicked Sea

Pictures Of Then - And The Wicked Sea
2009, Pictures Of Then, LLC

August 4, 2009 will be a big day in Minneapolis and for many fans of Pictures Of Then around the US. On that day, Pictures Of Then will release their highly anticipated sophomore album And The Wicked Sea. Pictures Of Then’s previous album, 2007’s Crushed By Lights saw the band finding placement on MTV’s The Real World and The Hills, and gaining such coveted festival spots as the Red Gorilla Music Fest, Midpoint Music Festival, NACA and the Crossroads Entertainment Conference. Pictures Of Then garnered airplay on 220 stations across the US and even toured as part of the MTV Choose or Lose Tour. With all of this behind them, Pictures Of Then look to take the next step with And The Wicked Sea.

And The Wicked Sea is mostly successful musical experience with some amazing moments. The Big Sell is a great bit of Brit Pop with a strong melodic sense, outstanding harmonies and some very interesting guitar work. This song is highly commercial without trying to sound commercial. Nowhere Is Somewhere is a piano-driven Pop tune that gets to the idea of what love is all about. 7th Street is one of those songs that if released 25 years ago would have bought each member of The Wicked Sea a mansion they couldn't dream up. The melody here is highly memorable and has great movement and rhythm all throughout the arrangement presented here. History Of Bones is my favorite track here; a philosophical look at how day-to-day details are often more significant than they might seem at the time. The song is wrapped up in big hooks and a Pop sensibility that indicate significant commercial potential. Wicked Sea is a funky mix Rock N Roll with lyric passages and Ooh-La-La harmonies and is a real pleasure to listen to. The album closes out with some Ambient Rock on Lands Uncharted, and epic story in song wrapped around an impressive piano part.

Pictures Of Then have managed to create a highly memorable CD in And The Wicked Sea; distinguishing themselves from the pop pack with original songwriting and real knack for big hooks and turns of phrase. This is the sort of album where a band really consolidates their sound and their fan base. With the right breaks, Pictures Of Then could be a household name. Check them out!

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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