Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Family Curse unleashed~!

Monday, October 05, 2009
REVIEWED: The Family Curse
The Family Curse
White Medicine
(Fainting Room Collective)

Similar Sounds: Butthole Surfers, Big Black, Jesus Lizard
File Under: balls out rock, stoner, unleashed, all or nothing

by J.P. Sutcliffe

The way you packed these records, Mr Magoo, suggests you knew I'd be exhausted by the sheer weight of boredom that the previous acts induced but this is shit hot stuff! It's Tit Wrench having infernal dealings with the bastard off-spring of Lydia Lunch.

Dear Megan; you sound mighty pissed off....

Listen to it as though you care.I do. I do care, I care passionately about music. But I'm hearing passionless depths of mediocrity in an otherwise sane world. This trio, who so remind me of Drain, are the best of the collection of discs I've been sent for perusal. Don't now inform me that they are a bunch of fucking hospital discharges who play music as some therapeutic, arty discourse into the explicit meaning of what it is to be likened to a fish. Not too experimental as to be tedious but quirky enough to make love to - not the disc, I mean shit you now what I mean.

Distorted vocal = Kool. Overly produced industrial back beat = not so Kool.

There's a violin inserted upon the third track. I'm, all for these expressions of volkish soul and I like what I'm hearing. Only if they'd dispense with the crappy beat.

All the tracks on this disc are well worth the hassle of hearing. Your average housemate is gonna wince at such ballache sounds. If it doesn't capture you first time time round then it ain't worth Jack-Shit. Apart from indulging with a fucked up impression of Shakira (track 4), this album is worthy of your time and mine. It's worthy of some radio airtime, at least.

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