Tuesday, October 20, 2009



“Hi, We’re JONESIN’”
Free News Projects
Street: 07.15
JONESIN’= Joy Division + Gang Gang Dance
“Please come aliens/Humans need new friends,” JONESIN’ sing on track seven. That song and track three, “Too Stoned To Screw” (I think I inherently have to like that title for its “humor” alone) are the most listenable on a first spin. The other songs on this effort start to pick up on further tries. The majority of the album also does a great job of sounding like the vocals were recorded through a megaphone, and they were, or were effected to sound like it. I think another album more will see a fuller revelation from some of the more creative constructions on display this time. Warning! This is pretty poppy stuff, so steer clear, anti-pop thugs. –JP

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