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Jonesin’: Hi, We’re Jonesin’ in DANISH translated!

Jonesin’: Hi, We’re Jonesin’
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Jonesin’: Hi, We’re Jonesin’

Turn Up Records/Xo Publicity

Format: cd

Udgivet: 2009

Musikalske slægtninge: The Moldy Peaches, Mates of State, The Jack Stafford Foundation, Aqua, Toybox

Tags: Casiopop, computer, indiepop


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Xo Publicity

This review is delayed. It is something really crap - I hate that exceed deadlines as much as I have done this time. But the problem was simply song number four. I could well not get past Jonesin duo's song "Ice Cream". The number is so infinitely annoying! Already in the first few seconds almost explodes in bold, with a vocal that sounds like a cross between a blue hand puppet named Andrea and a random indietøs trying to sing in a cute and småretarderet, unique way. She exclaims: "Ice cream soda, cherry on top / Who's my boyfriend, I forgot / is it a, b, c, d, e, f, g / I do not know '. It's almost indescribable how irritating I find it, and text and voice gives me nasty associations with Toybox 'preteen-90's hit "Best Friend".

It was too much for me and I had to take the plate of each time the number came. Getting one is not just the rest of the album heard and notification is not required. As it happened, however, that I, after friendly reminders from the editors were convinced that I had to take the bull by the horns and get Jonesin's album. Now it's succeeded, and "Ice Cream" was fortunately biggest and worst scale of irritation scale.

The two people who have managed to torment me so, is Matt Jones and his fiancee Jenny Jones, who together form the duo Jonesin '. The couple lives in San Francisco, and the info on their website and album text appears to get here they played with a lot of keyboards, computer program, GarageBand, and old Nintendo'er little weed here and there. Inspirations for Mr and Mrs Jones are ghosts, aliens and skates, and these things are in themselves the content on Jonesin's debut album, which has been titled Hi, We're Jonesin '- and this is the course also.

Keyboard melodies, as the duo have knitted together at home, are as harmless. Some small blip-Blop-tunes, which admittedly is fun, it sounds like old Nintendo games. But one must ask: what good music is it really that used to be on some such old games? And, what is required to listen to it today, with the aforementioned Andrea shrill voice over? For myself and probably some others, the answer is no.

The album switches through boy / girl-vowels, and the band tries especially with vowels to create an indie-cute, naive expression just underlined by the subjects, the band has chosen, with titles like "Roller Kate," "Ghosts? No Way! "And" Lil Wino ". As for titles, then it is a very fun idea to make a song called "Too Stoned two Screw" as a counterpart to the Dead Kennedys' "Too Drunk to Fuck". But otherwise the album is really not funny or cute.

It may only be appropriate to achieve to get two of the unfortunate names from the list of musical relatives to the rescue. For The Moldy Peaches with their funny, lo-fi songs or the marriage of Mates of State, with their charming pop should not be seated in that they fall into the same category of pure quality - despite some musical similarities with the Jonesin '.

Later on Hi, We're Jonesin 'comes fortunately a couple of numbers without much vocals. Where a portion of the album's songs sound like hyperactive children who fiser around on roller skates with too much sugar in the blood are moments on this last part, which sounds as if they rather depict children when they are dropped on the couch or asleep after children birthday is over. It is quite pleasant to listen to. But the overall sugar level and the particularly annoying numbers like "Summer Bummer" and "Ice Cream" ends to form an impression of Jonesin's album, and personally I would probably never pull the album out again, now that the notification of this is done. Sentence.

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