Monday, October 26, 2009

JESSIE TORRISI album out tomorrow !!

brûler brûler out!
hear it here:

“With this thoroughly impressive debut, she certainly has created an attention-grabber. It’s always a particular pleasure when a “mystery disc” turns out to be surprising delights, and bruler, bruler is one of those surprisingly delightful discs.”-NO DEPRESSION

“Ryan Adams, I think you married the wrong girl. You knew her as the ace rock star drummer in Unisex Salon, Les Fleurs Tragiques, and Laptop. On her debut solo outing (which translates as burn, burn in French) the hot and fabulous Ms. Torrisi has re-emerged as an alternative country rock goddess! With melodies to die for, and a sultry behind-the beat delivery the works every time, cuts including "Hungry Like Me," "X in Texas" and "Storm Clouds" ache in all the right places. Lucinda Williams, Shelby Lynn, and Patti Griffin eat your heart out! Bruler Bruler is certainly among the best debuts of 2009.”

“the most exciting debut of the year thus far, is a calm, gritty catharsis.”-SWAMPLAND

“It’s moments like these which capture Torrisi’s personality well. Torrisi brings a certain swagger and sexiness to these songs. Through her words and voice she presents a persona which is easy-going, energetic, and fun. At one point in “Cannonball” she sums it all up with this great line: “I want to sing as loud as I can/Be a one-woman rock and roll band.” And it’s easy to believe that she could do it. Most importantly, she sounds like she is having a blast while making this record and that is clearly communicated while listening to Brûler Brûler.” -BLOG CRITICS

"Blessed with a voice that matches Emmylou Harris for sly, lust-tinged smokiness and rivals Neko Case in the gorgeous-as-hell-but-can-chop-firewood-all-day department"-METRO SPIRIT

“Her correlation to acts like Feist and Regina Spektor are spot on, as most of the tracks from “Brûler Brûler” either feel like a trotting love song, or a slow, yet whimsical, level of swooning solo artistry. Jessie Torrisi has created something special here.” -BRING ON MIXED REVIEWS

“Overall, the plethora of instruments on hand for this record, combined with Torrisi’s captivating vocal finesse and influence from New Orleans jazz and New York City indie rock, have culminated into a fresh and pleasurable presentation.” -Dryvetme Onlyne

“Jessie Torrisi is a bit out of the ordinary. She's a Country/Americana singer with an Alt-Rock sound mixed in with her Country Twang. Her lyrics are intelligent and nuanced; full of sensuality and a personal voraciousness for life that can be startling and then endearing.” -Wildy’s World

“Her unique blend of influences and the array of instruments (drums, guitar, cello, flute, harmonica…) is sure to dazzle audiences in Austin and across the country.” -ENVY MAGAZINE

“She’s able to evoke a feeling of hopeful longing, like someone still holding out hope that their lost lover is going to come walking through the door any minute now.” -REVOLT

“Jessie Torrissi’s debut album feels like a warm blanket on a cold night. It is familiar, welcoming and fulfilling.” -FEMMUSIC

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