Saturday, October 17, 2009

SF Bay Guardian show review of JONESIN

Live Shots: Jonesin' and the Sandwitches at Hemlock Tavern, 9/3/09
Text and photos by Ariel Soto

Donning matching black and white outfits, the Jonesin' duo bounced around the stage, singing old Dolly Parton covers and also their own lyrics, that sometimes focus on aliens, their amour, roller skates, and the foggy city we all call home.

Their music is totally bubbly and funky with just a hint of country and irony. With only their mikes and a boom box for back-up , these two belted it out at Hemlock Tavern for their official Hi, We're Jonesin' (Telemarketer's Worst Nightmare) record release party and as a send-off for their around the country tour, which includes stops in Kansas, Mississippi and Texas, too.

Jonesin', "Rollerskates"

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