Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jonesin’: Hi, We’re Jonesin’

Jonesin’: Hi, We’re Jonesin’
(Turn Up)

By C. Molly Smith

Jonesin’s new album tells a story through its simple, cut-to-the-chase lyrics. It is rich in keyboards, fun, bright and very cutesy; not to mention, it has a sort of ’60s, psychedelic twist.

The problem with Jonesin’s album, however, is the voice of Jenny Jones. It is similar to one of a puppet on a children’s show, maybe one of the Muppets or perhaps any of the characters on “Sesame Street” with squeaky, high-pitched voices. If you can overlook the shrieky voice, check out these lively, vibrant and vivid, pop narratives: “Rollerskates,” “Bummer Summer” and “Ice Cream.”

Grade: C

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