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The Backslider’s – Best of 2009

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The Backslider’s – Best of 2009
Posted on20 November 2009. Tags: Best of '09, Kim Bonner, THe BAcksliders

Kim Bonner of The Backslider’s
“Best of 2009 in Music”
Best Tours:
KISS, Paul McCartney, AC/DC
As long as you like big concert rock and roll, you can’t walk away from these shows disappointed. You laugh, you cry, you pump your fist in the air wether you’re 9 or 90.

Best Album:
THe BAcksliders “Thank You”
We are ‘The Beatles’ of rock and roll and this album proves it. Pompous, arrogant beyond belief you say? That’s just the way we roll…shut up and become a believer.

Best Scandal:
The Death of Michael Jackson
Shocking and yet there’s no question this guy was on another planet, like, from maybe as far back as when he was a child, however, most of us started noticing some unraveling around the thriller period, if you happen to be old enough to remember. The surgeries, bubbles, little kids and lightening skin. We suppose it could all be chalked up to fame, money and pressure until you throw in the molestation charges which baffled the last of us searching for some kind of psycological comprehension of the poor bastard. You know, on the one hand he was so polite, kind and generous BUT… One could easily compare the excess to Elvis up until that point, especially the hangers on and heavy prescription addiction(from a “non-drug abuser”), but that’s where it ends. To find out he ended like he did was not a mystery but his personality, almost as much as his music which touched just about every human on the planet from the sixties on, will confound us forever.

Best Music Documentary:
Anvil “The Story of Anvil”
Despite the fact that this documentary is very critically admired for it’s different documentary type facets, if you’re in a band or have ever been in one for any length of time, what really gets you is it’s like looking in a mirror. Don’t be scared. It’s a great ’story’ with a great ending.

Get their latest album, Thank You, by clicking HERE.

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