Thursday, January 28, 2010

THE VERY FOUNDATION - a very cool & funky Portland band

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
The Very Foundation: Live @ Langano Lounge (12/4) + Music Millenium (12/6)

THE VERY FOUNDATION - a very cool & funky Portland band will be releasing their new album this week & have 2 appearances in Portland @ Langano Lounge (12/4) + Music Millenium (12/6). The title of the new CD is, This Restless Enterprise. It was Produced, Engineered and Mixed by the one & only Pat Kearns.

A sordidly detailed account of the pleasures and pitfalls of a year of wandering when, after a decade, she gives back the ring, marries an unknown soldier and moves to the town you grew up in.

The Very Foundation is: Bevan (Actual & Virtual Percussion, Backing Vocals, Keyboards) and Michael Lewis (Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ). The core band is joined by Kristie Rethlefsen (Sestina) on vocals, as well as This Restless Orchestra, featuring notable local musicians:

Nate Query (Decemberists); Jenny Conlee (Decemberists); Kristie Rethlefsen (Sestina); Chris Chard; Dave Jorgenson (Blind Pilot, Kieskagato); Kelly Simmons (Blue Skies For Black Hearts); Pat Kearns (Blue Skies For Black Hearts); Jasmine Ash (Oh Darling); Andrew Stern (Future Historians, Blue Horns, Fast Computers); Caroline Buchalter (the Upsidedown, Larry Yes); Jesse Kinder; Robyn Freatman; Paul Noel (Blue Skies For Black Hearts); and Donna Ramsey

Additional Engineering by Mark Brachmann

"The band has a constant energy that spans all of its experiments in rock song structure." - The Oregonian

" . . . a rock band with clear creative ability, and the future looks bright." - Portland Mercury

"Through all stages, the band is impressively solid and confident." - Willamette Week

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