Thursday, January 7, 2010

Buy The Family Curse - White Medicine

The Family Curse - White Medicine [Album]
Fainting Room Collective Records

Buy The Family Curse - White Medicine

Every once in a while a band will come along that seems to step away from the traditions of the music that is already out there and decides to take everything into a direction that is completely unexpected. Often, this can be quite a good thing. Other times, not so much. The Family Curse would appear to be a prime example of the latter with sprinklings of the former..

The Family Curse's sound is so unusual that it doesn’t really fit into any genre at all! Believe it or not, it is true. Instead, The Family Curse have created music that I can only attempt to describe as a collection of eerie sounds and screeching vocals that can't help but make you think you're in an old black and white horror movie of some kind. Not making much sense? Like I already warned you, The Family Curse are not easy to define.

"White Medicine" is a very interesting album to say the least. The vocals sound like they are being catapulted through a megaphone to ensure maximum distortion. The results of which is enough to make half of us hit the stop button and the other half turn it up to ensure you don’t miss a moment. "White Medicine" is a bizarre collection of tracks. The Family Curse are definitely a Marmite band and are not going to be everyone’s idea of good music, that being said they will appeal to a large group of people who appreciate the darker side that the sound spectrum has to offer - and people that like new music that can't be labeled.

The Family Curse have a sound that will intrigue you, even if you don’t necessarily enjoy it, you will definitely appreciate it for it's experimental value and sheer originality. At least someone is pushing things forward.

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