Thursday, January 7, 2010

Prize Country - ...With Love

Prize Country - ...With Love

Prize Country were a nice discovery last year when I came across their album Lottery of Recognition, combining a bit of the meaty riff-centric style of some of the more Midwestern flavored rock that tends to find itself on this blog with the twist and turns of something along the lines of Drive Like Jehu, Garden Variety, or Bluetip. After touring relentlessly for the past year or so, it’s actually quite impressive that they’ve found the time to get another record out along with forming a label (Failed Scene) for more one off releases that the band plans to utilize for themselves and friends. The new album however is titled …With Love and was just recently released on Hex records on both CD and vinyl (with high quality digital download). The album definitely picks up right where they left off on Lottery of Recognition, with maybe even more of an emphasis on their bay area post-hardcore influences of old this time around. No matter, it definitely accomplishes in rocking even if it does occasionally run together a bit. Not much of a breather to be had here when the band is moving so quickly from one thing to another.

Prize Country – Gamble [MP3]

If you’re enjoying what you hear, then head on over to Hex Records to pick this one up. It’s pretty safe to say that the rest of the album will be to your liking.

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