Thursday, January 7, 2010

No Go Know – Time Has Nothing To Do With It (Union)

No Go Know – Time Has Nothing To Do With It (Union)

Well, Sir, at two discs and eight seven minutes, I’d say time has everything to... sorry, suddenly thought I was some pithy broadsheet reviewer. My apologies, dear reader.

Anyway, No Go Know, any good? Yes, as it goes, they’re... well, let me explain.

No Go Know have taken it upon themselves to record a double album and, by the fact that disc one starts with the same song disc two ends with and vice versa, you get the strangest feeling that this is a (sshhh) concept album. What’s the concept? Hmm, well, possibly it’s a matter of scale, how three people can draw your attention to the most delicate pin drop, as well as play like a musician of the year competition gone to riot, but then that’s possibly a bit too conceptual.

Forgetting the concept for a moment, I’ve long since been a Akron/Family advocate, forcing people recently to buy Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free at gunpoint. I can honestly say that Time Has Nothing to Do with It gives the Family a run for their money at every turn.

I actually stopped reviewing for a while because I was sick of being the ‘it’s all a load of shit’ guy. It’s not a load of shit, please believe me. I’m listening to the album now and it’s hard to concentrate on what I want to say. I’m listening.

Yes, it’s classic rock with punk edge and contemporary blah, blah, blah, let’s leave that to metacritic. Just stop what you’re doing, stop reading this and only return once you’ve got this album (download it from and listened to it all.

Back? Yeah? I know, I know, me too. So, what is the concept?

I think I know. No really, I do. The concept is that bands can still and should still reach beyond the ceiling, beyond the sky, even. An album should sound like it’s struggling to stay on the disc, as though it might crack and breakout, bursting from its cell. Maybe the concept is if you give everything you have people will love you and, hopefully as this is the obvious next step, renounce all those pale, make do, fly by night acts that operate as mere lifeboats to keep afloat a failing music industry. To hell with the concept. Let’s just bask in what must be contender for album of the year.

Sean Gregson

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