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fantastic plate The Family Curse has committed

The Family Curse: White Medicine
Of Jesper G. Kaufholz | 07.12.09 | No Comments

The Family Curse: White Medicine (2009)
Fainting Room / XO Publicity
Musical relatives: Melt Banana, Melvins, Butthole Surfers, Järbo, Peaches
Tags: artrock, experimental, lo-fi, noise rock, post punk, post rock, noise, The Family Curse

Whew, it is severe, it here. Not so much to write about, because it is a fantastic plate The Family Curse has committed. Equal parts Järbo, Melt Banana and The Melvins, spiced with a little Sonic Youth and a penchant for drum machines. Yes, this is about as strange as it sounds.

White Medicine is The Family Curses second album, which places hard hit with tear-rocker "Teen Challenge" where the guitars howl about race with Megan Tweed vibrating primalhyl. Another number hoe passed before one is recovered from the first, and then they throw themselves assiduously over a quarter long, drone meditation on "Back in the Water". It's hard cases. But infinitely fascinating.

After this game goes to electric rock in it, and The Family Curse gives it as an intersection of Peaches and Babes in Toyland on the next two tracks, "Big Black Mark" and "Like Lightning". Wow. It moves, hard but good enough not for the faint hearted.

But they are not finished with that step-dancing in the listener's ears yet, completely unexpected screws The Family Curse down the guitars on the soul driver (if one can call it that) "Sewing Box" and it is actually very beautiful instrumental "Exodus from the Birds of the Night ". And then it all nicely bound together in the closing number, which will be concluded on the album, at least in the sense that both the beautiful, the scratch and completely insane are assembled in "Bodies in rooms."

The whole album is recorded with drum machines, which can easily give a very flat and dull sound, but The Family Curses ferocity more than weighs up for it. White Medicine is a very interesting and varied album, and quality all the way down. These are all delicious screwed together and clearly advisable for anyone who likes to clean the ears with dynamite.

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